What is to know before applying loan this year: All about auto credit?

What is to know before applying loan this year: All about auto credit?

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A car is almost indispensable in today’s world. Even if public transport is numerous, your own car generally allows you to save time, to go exactly where you want and thus to gain freedom. It costs several salaries and users are rarely able to pay for their vehicle in one go. This is where auto credit comes in. It is actually an affected consumer loan. But which loan will be good enough for you this year? Click here https://loanaway.com/blog/loans-in-canada/which-loans-to-get-in-2019/ to get the best mathematical idea of your loan type, EMI, agreements and etc. That is to say, the total amount of the loan will be dedicated to the purchase of a vehicle. Unlike a conventional loan, you must provide counterparty and therefore proof of purchase.

Choosing your car

Before applying for credit, you have to ask yourself which car you really need. For some, the car is a way to display a certain social status. The bigger it is, the higher you are at the top of the ladder. If you really have the budget, then make yourself happy, otherwise it is better to choose according to your real needs, more than compared to the image you want to send back.If you are single and live in town, then a small city car will probably be a better choice than a limousine. If the family has grown, then a comfortable and spacious minivan will obviously be preferable to a sports coupe.

Know your borrowing opportunity

After deciding on the type of vehicle you will need, it will be time to take stock of your borrowing capacity. First you need to know how much money you can invest personally and therefore know the value of the initial contribution. The contribution reduces the amount of the loan and especially it facilitates the acceptance of credit. Indeed, by proving to the banker that you invest yourself some money saved, you gain credibility and therefore the lender makes you more easily trust.

Once you have determined your contribution, you will need to find out about your debt ratio. The banker or lender will always find out about this debt ratio. This is the proportion of credit outstanding, relative to your current income. Generally bankers do not wish to exceed 33% of borrowing rate. That said, depending on your income it is possible to go up to 50%.


It must be taken into account that taking too much debt to buy your car will probably prevent you from making other projects later. Beyond a certain debt ratio, no one will want to lend you money and it can be dangerous in case of a hard blow, or unfortunate in case of a good investment opportunity.

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