These Fashion Trends Were Most Popular Among Adults Last Year

These Fashion Trends Were Most Popular Among Adults Last Year

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There’s no denying that fashion trends come and go, and in 2016 this was no different. From the tight fit jeans or skinny jeans, to silk jackets and coats, to large hoop earrings, we’ve all seen our fair share of trends, both obscure and cool/fashion forward. But, as is the case with every year, some trends are more prominent than others, and, was on top of those trends. These were some top trends worn in the US and worldwide, during the last year.

The Bomber Jacket – 

They were popular in the 80s and 90s ,and made a comeback last year. Colors, patterns, and even feminine prints were some of the many styles which were popular last year. A pair of jeans, button down shirt, and a bomber jacket seemed to be the uniform choice of many during the last year.

Keep it cool and light – 

Off the shoulder tops were also among the top selling designer fashion items during 2016. Both for men and women. With lower cut v-neck style shirts, very low cut rounded neck collars, and many different styles in between, this was one of the most sought after styles and cuts for tops in the year. Comfortable, stylish, and the type of style which can be adapted for men and for women, as well as in colder or warmer weathers, it is a style trend which really did take over in 2016, and one worn by celebrities and commoners alike.

Blurred gender lines – 

Women’s clothing? Men’s clothing? Its hard to tell the difference. With tight fitting jeans being worn by men, to extremely loose and baggy pants and shorts worn by women, gender norms and styles seem to have criss-crossed during the year. More and more designers took advantage of this as well, by blending, making distinct styles, and making “comfortable,” the most popular term they used in designing clothing for the year. It is no longer the men or the women’s section, but there were many gender neutral sections in clothing stores during the year.

Jumpsuit – 

Or the romper, is a style which was in. The one piece can pass off as a pair of pajamas (in the fact that they are just as comfortable as your favorite set of pjs) but they are far more casual or dressy, and can eve be worn for a work outfit or date night. Comfort, style, form fitting, and appropriate for all occasions, this is the perfect style, one piece, and one which was very popular during the 2016 year as well.

With new trends, old trends, blended trends, and gender norms being thrown out the window, there are distinct styles and fashion trends which tend to be seen year in and year out. In 2016, this was also the case. A point of emphasis seems to have been placed on comfort, style, and blurred lines (in terms of gender neutrality). With so many styles dying out ,many outdated styles made a comeback, and many more are likely to pop up throughout the year of 2017 as well.

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