5 Ways to Improve Your Bottle Service for Guests

Bottle service is one of the most popular things that customers request when they go out to the club, and it’s a great way to maximize your revenues if you are a club owner. The guest loves the attention that ordering bottle service brings them along with the ability to mix drinks on demand, and club owners love the enlarged bill the customer receives at the end of the evening. If you want to sell more bottle service packages at your nightclub, you need to give your customers a great value and a great experience. Here are a few ways to improve your bottle service offerings to make your guests’ experience as entertaining as possible.

Prime Seating

Whenever a customer buys bottle service, you should move them to a special seating area that is designed to make them the center of attention. Not only will they love having everyone look at them as they enjoy their cocktails, but it will also cause other patrons to order bottle service packages as well. There’s nothing better than giving the customer a great experience while simultaneously marketing your services.

More Selections

One of the most common reasons that a customer or group of customers doesn’t want to buy bottle service is because of the selections available. Perhaps they don’t like champagne or vodka but a bottle of nice scotch is more their style. If you offer several different bottle selections instead of just the two or three normal selections that everyone else offers, you can expand interest, sell more bottle service packages, and make the guest experience even better at your club.

More Mixers

Just like liquor variety, having a good variety of mixers is crucial as well. Since most people who buy bottle service are in a group, chances are that they will want a variety of mixers rather than just agreeing on a single one. To offer a few extra mixers is a negligible expense when compared to the revenues that you will be generating.

Decorate the Bottle

Presentation is one of the most important facets to making your bottle service an experience rather than just a product. The industry standard for bottle service presentation is to use bottle sparklers to decorate the liquor. Similar to candles on a cake, your customers will know immediately that their drinks are on the way when a server enters the room with a bottle sparkler burning. Using bottle sparklers not only makes your guests enjoy their experience more, but it will generate buzz so you can sell more bottle service packages.

Preferential Treatment

Though having premium seats and liquor delivered to you with a bottle sparkler attached is already an amazing experience for your guests, you can take it up one more level by offering other types of preferential treatment. Perhaps bottle service customers can bypass the line outside the front door. Or perhaps there is a private bathroom for VIP customers only. Small things can go a long way to improve the guest experience in your nightclub, and they will also make your bottle service more desirable to purchase.